July 27, 2022

NHTSA-2022-0067 General Motors – Receipt of Petition for Temporary Exemption from Various Requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for an Automated Driving System-Equipped Vehicle

NHTSA-2022-0067-0082 Comment from Philip Koopman

NHTSA-2022-0067-0081 Comment from Anonymous

NHTSA-2022-0067-0080 Comment from Autonomous Vehicle Industry Association

NHTSA-2022-0067-0079 Comment from Nico Larco

NHTSA-2022-0067-0078 Comment from Nico Larco

NHTSA-2022-0067-0077 Comment from Nico Larco

NHTSA-2022-0067-0076 Comment from Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety

NHTSA-2022-0067-0075 Comment from National Automobile Dealers Associaiton

NHTSA-2022-0067-0074 Comment from Consortium for Constituents with Disabilities Transportation Task Force

NHTSA-2022-0067-0073 Comment from BraunAbility

NHTSA-2022-0067-0072 Comment from International Brotherhood of Teamsters

NHTSA-2022-0067-0071 Comment from The Harkin Institute for Public Policy & Citizen Engagement

NHTSA-2022-0067-0070 Comment from San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA)

NHTSA-2022-0067-0069 Comment from Henry Waxman

NHTSA-2022-0067-0068 Comment from Detroit Regional Chamber

NHTSA-2022-0067-0067 Comment from Tony DeSylva

NHTSA-2022-0067-0066 Comment from General Motors LLC

NHTSA-2022-0067-0065 Comment from Solo Advanced Vehicle Technologies

NHTSA-2022-0067-0064 Comment from Alliance for Automotive Innovation

NHTSA-2022-0067-0063 Comment from National Disability Rights Network (NDRN)NHTSA-2022-0067-0062 Comment from NACTO (National Association of City Transportation Officials)

NHTSA-2022-0067-0062 Comment from NACTO (National Association of City Transportation Officials)

NHTSA-2022-0067-0061 Comment from United Spinal Association

NHTSA-2022-0067-0060 Comment from Nico Larco

NHTSA-2022-0067-0059 Comment from Kelly Mack

NHTSA-2022-0067-0058 Comment from The League of American Bicyclists

NHTSA-2022-0067-0057 Comment from Javier Robles

NHTSA-2022-0067-0056 Comment from Joel Greenup

NHTSA-2022-0067-0055 Comment from American Council of the Blind

NHTSA-2022-0067-0054 Comment from Gary Feldhus

NHTSA-2022-0067-0053 Comment from National Association of Manufacturers

NHTSA-2022-0067-0052 Comment from City of Phoenix

NHTSA-2022-0067-0051 Comment from Visit Detroit

NHTSA-2022-0067-0050 Comment from Disability Rights California

NHTSA-2022-0067-0049 Comment from Randall Duchesneau

NHTSA-2022-0067-0048 Comment from Consumer Technology Association

NHTSA-2022-0067-0047 Comment from Health Effects Institute

NHTSA-2022-0067-0046 Comment from Hillary Brady

NHTSA-2022-0067-0045 Comment from Brandon Winfield

NHTSA-2022-0067-0044 Comment from California Manufacturers & Technology Association

NHTSA-2022-0067-0043 Comment from Phillip Wilcox

NHTSA-2022-0067-0042 Comment from SAFE

NHTSA-2022-0067-0041 Comment from Jim Lewis

NHTSA-2022-0067-0040 Comment from National Federation of the Blind

NHTSA-2022-0067-0039 Comment from AAA

NHTSA-2022-0067-0038 Comment from National Federation of the Blind

NHTSA-2022-0067-0037 Comment from New Urban Mobility alliance (NUMO)

NHTSA-2022-0067-0036 Comment from TechNet

NHTSA-2022-0067-0035 Comment from U.S. Travel Association

NHTSA-2022-0067-0034 Comment from EVNoire

NHTSA-2022-0067-0033 Comment from Michigan Manufacturers Association

NHTSA-2022-0067-0032 Comment from U.S. Chamber of Commerce

NHTSA-2022-0067-0031 Comment from Michael Worley

NHTSA-2022-0067-0030 Petition for Temporary Exemption - General Motors

NHTSA-2022-0067-0029 Comment from ITS America

NHTSA-2022-0067-0028 Comment from Transportation Improvement Association

NHTSA-2022-0067-0027 Comment from Kara Kockelman

NHTSA-2022-0067-0026 Comment from William Riggs

NHTSA-2022-0067-0025 Comment from Einride

NHTSA-2022-0067-0024 Comment from San Francisco Chamber of Commerce

NHTSA-2022-0067-0023 Comment from Anonymous

NHTSA-2022-0067-0022 Comment from John Moavenzadeh

NHTSA-2022-0067-0021 Comment from NorCal Spinal Cord Injury Foundation

NHTSA-2022-0067-0020 Comment from Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry

NHTSA-2022-0067-0019 Comment from Chamber of Progress

NHTSA-2022-0067-0018 Comment from Automation Alley

NHTSA-2022-0067-0017 Comment from Partners for Automated Vehicle Education

NHTSA-2022-0067-0016 The League of American Bicyclists - Letter to Request Extension

NHTSA-2022-0067-0015 Matthew Dean - Letter in Support

NHTSA-2022-0067-0014 Comment from Silicon Valley Leadership Group

NHTSA-2022-0067-0013 Comment from Humanmade

NHTSA-2022-0067-0012 Comment from National Association of City Transportation Officials

NHTSA-2022-0067-0011 Comment from Anonymous

NHTSA-2022-0067-0010 Comment from Anonymous

NHTSA-2022-0067-0009 Comment from Hispanic Chambers of Commerce San Francisco - HCCSF

NHTSA-2022-0067-0008 San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency - Request for a Sixty Day Extension

NHTSA-2022-0067-0007 Comment from Kevin McCutcheon

NHTSA-2022-0067-0006 Comment from Daniel Hellebuyck

NHTSA-2022-0067-0005 Comment from Anonymous

NHTSA-2022-0067-0004 Comment from Kevin Brennan

NHTSA-2022-0067-0003 Comment from Anonymous

NHTSA-2022-0067-0002 General Motors; Various Requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for an Automated Driving System-Equipped Vehicle

NHTSA-2022-0067-0001 General Motors Part 555 Petition for Temporary Exemption for the Cruise Origin