Von Lindsey

Over the last 25 years, Von has become the NHTSA resource for over 300 different clients, including manufacturers, legal, and engineering firms. Von produces results for his clients in a cost-effective and expedited manner. His unique experience with and knowledge of the organization, procedures, dockets, data and agency culture, as well as long-term personal contacts within NHTSA, make him an invaluable resource for his clients. Von has an extensive understanding of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) as well as the VIN and manufacturer documentation required and maintained by NHTSA.

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Richard Boyd

Richard joins Lindsey Research Services after a career of 27 years at NHTSA. He most recently served as the Acting Director, in the Office of Defect Investigations and as the Division Chief of the Medium Heavy Vehicle Division. Having overseen hundreds of investigations and thousands of recalls, he understands technical safety issues and knows what NHTSA wants and needs in regards to Tread Act, recall and Early Warning Reporting.

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Brian Smith

 Brian has spent over 20 years with NHTSA as an engineer in the Office of Vehicle Safety Compliance, is an expert in FMVSS testing, and has extensive knowledge in compliance, safety, and defects.

Allen Griffy

Allen has 15+ years in vehicles from R&D, manufacturing, electric, autonomous, regulatory compliance, audit & inspections, technical writing, and regulatory research.

George Soodoo

George spent over 25 years at NHTSA in several roles and retired as the Division Chief of the Vehicle Dynamics Division. George has a thorough understanding of the FMVSS and helped promulgate several standards during his career at NHTSA.

Bob Krauss

Bob joins Lindsey Research Services after a career of 39 years at NHTSA. He most recently served as the Chief, Crashworthiness Branch in the Office of Vehicle Safety Compliance. He has extensive experience in determining vehicle compliance with the Federal Motor Vehicle Standards including the development of test procedures, conducting compliance tests and working with manufacturers during possible noncompliance investigations. During Bob’s career at NHTSA, he has also participated in Rulemaking and Research and Development projects.

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Lindsey Research Services has working relationships with numerous automotive safety experts who are available on an as-needed basis.