March 18, 2019

DC Presence

Washington, DC Representation

Lindsey Research Services is located in close proximity to the center of government. We can easily access most government agencies. In addition, our staff has developed relationships within NHTSA and with personnel in many other agencies. We provide the following services:


Representation at industry and government meetings and presentations

We will attend industry and government functions and act as your representative. We will simply be your eyes and ears and gather information or we can present your point of view. You will receive a full written report shortly after every event.

Accompany you to NHTSA meetings and presentations

We will be your second set of eyes and ears at NHTSA meetings and presentations, providing you with our insight and background information.

Monthly NHTSA update

We offer a monthly update of NHTSA information and data that includes Federal Register Notices, Docket Comments, ODI investigations, recalls, and summaries of complaint data. We spend hours gathering, reviewing and indexing the information so that you can stay informed in a matter of minutes. Please contact us to subscribe.