March 21, 2019

FMVSS Certification

FMVSS Certification

The Lindsey Research Services staff possesses over 40 years of NHTSA experience associated with the certification of vehicles to the performance requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Our experience can assist you develop and organize certification information which assures compliance of your product with these requirements. Well developed and organized certification data is your insurance during both litigation and NHTSA inquires. The services we offer include:

Developing and organizing FMVSS certification data

Lindsey Research Services will assist you in developing a certification program which will produce and document all the data necessary to certify your product to all of the applicable FMVSS. We will also keep you informed of upcoming changes to the present FMVSS and new FMVSS that will affect your product.

Recognizing the need for, and obtaining applicable pass-through certifications

We will assist you to identify and obtain certification data from your suppliers. For example the supplier of lights that are installed on your vehicle must supply certification data to many of the requirements of FMVSS 108, “Lamps, reflective devices, and associated equipment.”

Determining worst case scenario products for certification testing

Manufacturers are required to certify that their products met the performance requirements of all applicable FMVSS in effect at the date of manufacture, BUT, the law does not state how a manufacturer determines that their product is in compliance. Physical testing is the most direct way to obtain certification data but a manufacturer does not have to test every model of their product. We will assist you in determining the worst case product to test so that this data can be applied to all of your similar products.

Conducting certification testing at the same laboratories used by NHTSA

Our relationships with these laboratories will assist you in obtaining certification data in the same manner NHTSA obtains compliance test data. We will work with you to revise NHTSA’s Compliance Test Procedure for certification purposes. We will help in identifying worst case test scenarios and we will attend the test and assist in the analysis of the data.

Responding to any information requests from the NHTSA Office of Vehicle Safety Compliance and/or the Office of Defects Investigation

We will assist you in assembling data for responding to requests for certification data and/or defects investigation data. Our experience will assist you in determining what information is actually pertinent and how to bring any investigation to a quick and equitable conclusion.

Assistance with following and responding to the promulgation of future rulemakings

Lindsey Research Service will keep you informed of topics under consideration by NHTSA Rulemaking and assist with any docket submissions you may want to provide.