Recent Research and Projects

NHTSA reporting Compliance Assessments
Training on and implementation of Early Warning Reporting
Towing Capacity Research & Review of FMVSS
Recall Completion Rate Analysis
Coordinating Driving Simulator Study Ohio State University
Coordinating FMVSS Compliance tests with Crash Labs throughout the United States
Research of State Laws regarding autonomous vehicles
Review of European Trailer Braking Standard
Attending and reporting on SAE Government Industry Meeting
Coordinating meetings with NHTSA and other Government Agencies for clients
Assisting Clients with the following:
  • Reviewing potential safety issues
  • Responding to Office of Defect Investigation inquires
  • Reviewing, writing and uploading Part 573 defect and noncompliance reports
  • Drafting Part 577 Owner Notification Letters
  • Writing and submitting Part 556 Petitions for Inconsequential noncompliance
  • Writing and submitting Part 555 Petitions for Temporary Exemptions
  • Writing and submitting docket comment submissions - Submitting of Part 579.5 Manufacturers Communications